Sonic - Cloud Computing Platform

Sonic - Cloud Computing Platform is a web-based, enterprise-level, secure software solution for management of cloud based clusters. This provides resizable compute capacity in the cloud.

Features and Benefits

Elastic Web-Scale Computing

Completely Controlled

Flexible Cloud Hosting Services

  • Increase or decrease capacity within minutes
  • Commission one, hundreds or even thousands of server instances simultaneously
  • Have complete control of your instances
  • Start or stop instances without loosing data
  • Choice of multiple instance types, operating systems, and software packages
  • Select any configuration of memory, CPU and instance storage



Easy to Start

  • 99.95% availability
  • Highly reliable environment with replacement instances
  • Proven network infrastructure and datacenters
  • Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)
  • Security Groups and networks ACLs
  • Hardware dedicated to a single customer for additional isolation
  • Quickly get started
  • Preconfigured software on server images

Our Expertise

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