KEEP - Clinical Databases Platform

Knowledge Enhancing and Enabling Platform (KEEP), is a comprehensive Solution for generating and integrating knowledge from clinical trials. The KEEP aims to integrate and enhance clinical knowledge and enable model-based meta-analysis (MBMA). It provides the capability to quickly and securely access, share, explore, and analyze comprehensive, integrated, up-to-date clinical efficacy and safety data to facilitate effective drug development.

What is KEEP?

Knowledge Repository of Clinical Trial Data

Exploratory Analysis Platform

Communication Tool

  • Most current publicly available trial data
  • Design, patient, and treatment characteristics
  • Biomarker, efficacy, and safety outcomes
  • Internal CSRs, patient level data (optional)
  • Multi-variable filtering and summary tables
  • Comparative time course plots
  • Makes data tangible and accessible – interact, plot, summarize, in real time
  • Maps the competitive landscape - navigate competitor information
  • Stimulates ideas for impactful analysis


Access Multiple Databases on One Platform

Communicate Current Knowledge from Clinical Trials

Facilitate Model-Based Meta-Analysis

  • Cardiovascular, CNS, immunology, infectious diseases, oncology, metabolic diseases, pain
  • Literature databases as well as internal CSRs
  • Present up-to-date data in a user-friendly web-based interface
  • Illustrate between-trial variability for a multitude of interventions and endpoints
  • Facilitating early go/no go decisions
  • Optimizing dose selections and study designs
  • Quantitative analysis of comparative efficacy and safety of competitive interventions

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