Sonic - Pharmacology Platform

Sonic Pharmacology Platform is a highly interactive and secured solution for management of pharmacokinetic / pharmacodynamic (PK/PD) data, analysis and reports. It provides capability to integrate with multiple commercial and open source applications on different platforms (Windows or Linux), used for PK/PD data collection, analysis and reporting needs.

Data Aggregation and QC

Third Party Tools Integration

NONMEM Modeling & Simulation

Sonic Pharmacology Platform provides immediate access to disparate research data and automates the process of data QC and validation.

  • Data Collection and Extraction
  • Data QC and Validation
  • Diagnostic Reporting
  • Data Summaries

Sonic Pharmacology Platform integration capability allows users to use multiple third-party tools as part of a single workflow which can be saved, shared or rerun from single Sonic platform.

  • S-PLUS
  • R
  • SAS

Sonic Pharmacology Platform provides capability to automate NONMEM control file and dataset creation, runs, generating tables & graphs and comparing outputs across multiple runs.

  • NONMEM Run Automation
  • NONMEM on Cloud or Cluster
  • NONMEM Run Summaries and Plots

Data Visualization

Data Sharing

Sonic Pharmacology Platform provides advance reporting capability to summarize and display data aggregated from several sources.

  • Standardized Reports
  • Custom Reports
  • Dynamic Data Refresh
  • SharePoint or Mobile Sharing
  • Visualization Dashboard

Sonic Pharmacology Platform architecture allows easy to use and configurable features to efficiently share data summaries and visualizations across organization.

  • SharePoint
  • Web Dashboards
  • Peer Reviews
  • Custom User Interface

Value Proposition

Regulatory Compliant

Sonic Pharmacology Platform also provides 21 CFR part 11 compliance with audit trailed tracking of data, analysis & reports. And MF-Pharm™ architecture natively supports cloud based computations.

Our Expertise

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